Join us on Monday

When you join Beavers, you’ll be introduced to lots of new activities, people and things. Here's everything you need to know.

Beavers are young people aged 6 to 8 who:

  • Master new skills and try new things

  • Have fun and go on adventures

  • Make friends

  • Are curious about the world around them

  • Help others and make a difference, on their own doorstops and beyond

Every week, we meet on Monday during term time at 1st Arlesey Scout Hut 5:45pm - 7pm to hop, skip and jump our way through lots of different games and activities.

If you'd like to join our Raven Beavers please contact us directly.

Tasty treats (do you know what it is?)

Pancake day

Feeding our feathered friends

Tasting Chinese cuisine

Learning First Aid

Songs round the camp fire

Daytime hike

Camp fire cooking

Investing new Beavers

A little mud never hurt anyone..

Our Christmas tree entry

Now THAT'S how you eat a cake!